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We unlock more value from agricultural waste

WasteX was launched to tackle 3.5 billion tons of agricultural processing waste globally that is dumped, burnt, or sold cheaply.

We strive to help agricultural producers in Southeast Asia utilize biomass waste while generating additional income and improving their operational performance, and in the process significantly reducing carbon emissions. With upgraded products from waste valorization, we additionally aim to support the transformation of the industrial sectors towards less carbon-intensive operations.

There are some amazing new technologies and developments in waste valorization but due to their novelty and process complexity, they are currently being sparsely adopted by agricultural producers and industry alike. Given how challenged agriculture is by multiple global crises - including climate change, the war in Ukraine, and global inflation - we are enabling these new solutions for both smallholders and large producers, and unlocking 3-5x more value for them. Similarly, we are looking to engage with industrial players to help them adopt carbon-negative solutions in their sourcing and production while improving their operational performance.

Challenges we address with our flagship small-scale carbonizer


Biomass waste utilization at the farm level (instead of it being burnt)


Heat production that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the current sources


Smallholders livelihood improvement (through biochar carbon credits)


Agricultural improvements (including increased yield and reduced fertilization)


Environmental and social impact (carbon emissions abatement and SDGs advancement)

Pawel Kuznicki

Founder and CEO

Doug Parker

Board Member

Ralph Cuazon

VP Technology and Operations

Mohammad Shofie

Technology Solutions Manager

Egi Nur Muhammad Sidiq

Senior Agronomy Associate

Jeff Fransisco

Senior Operations Associate

Iqbal Amru

Senior Product Associate

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Agronomy Associate


Agronomy Associate


Digital Marketing Specialist

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Sales Associate


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