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How we do it

We are committed to providing innovative circular solutions for sustainable agriculture

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We strive to offer and enable the best waste-to-value solutions for agricultural producers to address their various waste streams and use cases

What we offer are carbon negative | climate positive solutions

Commercial sale

Cash from 
carbon credits

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Waste utilization

Heat production

Operational improvements

Carbon sequestration

Benefits of upgrading waste to biochar
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Crop Farming
Application of biochar to soil can:
  • Improve crop yield by <20%
  • Reduce fertilizer use by <40%
  • Improve soil health
White Chicken
Livestock Farming
Application of biochar as feed and bedding supplement can:
  • Reduce bedding use by <10%
  • Improve FCR, weight gain and overall livestock health
  • Improve air quality, humidity control, and odor control
Farmer Checking Plants
Financial benefits
Additional cash from:
  • Carbon credits
  • Commercial sale of used bedding enhanced with biochar to crop farmers at premium thanks to it being a more potent organic fertilizer
Vegetable Garden
Environmental impact
  • Remove 1-2 tons CO2e per 1 ton of biochar
  • Advancement of SDGs: Sustainable Agriculture, Combating Climate Change, and Reversal of Land Degradation
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