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Make as much as $5,000 per year with <1 year payback period

Maximize the potential of your poultry farm by utilizing used bedding to enhance productivity, cut costs, and generate extra income with our comprehensive biochar solution.

Our end-to-end solution consists of the most optimal price-performance biochar equipment, delivery and full implementation, training, support with optimal biochar application at your farm, and carbon credits guarantee.


Benefits of Biochar in Poultry Farming

Estimated annual benefits from 1 unit of equipment for a 40,000 broiler chickens farm

Other Operational Benefits

Chicken Health

  • Weight gain

  • Fewer diseases

  • Almost full elimination of E.Coli from chicken manure (up to 99%)

Cost Efficiency

cut cost.png
  • Improved feed conversion ratio (FCR)

  • Lower antibiotics use and reduced treatment cost

Coop Environment

chicken coop.png
  • Improved air quality

  • Lower humidity 

  • Fewer pests and flies

  • Odor control

Crops Yield

  • Higher crops yield from enhancing used bedding (used as an organic fertilizer) with biochar 

Egg Performance

chicken egg.png
  • Thicker and stronger egg shell

  • Increased egg mass

  • Increased collagen and longer retail storage time

How It Works

1 equipment.png

WasteX provides and installs the biochar equipment on the farm

2 training.png

Our expert conducts a training on how to operate the equipment, and produce and apply biochar

3 biochar production.png

Farm operates the equipment to produce biochar

earn money.png

Farm makes extra income from guaranteed carbon credits ($50/ton biochar)

5 sell.png

Farm sells excess biochar (~$100/t) or used bedding mixed with biochar (~$50/t) 

4 application.png

Farm applies biochar to new bedding and feed for operational benefits

Client Highlights

Our clients across Philippines and Indonesia have trusted us to use our solutions on their poultry farms

A poultry farm in West Java, Indonesia

Biochar made from rice husk was added to poultry bedding and feed. The results have shown 25% decrease in mortality rate, 30% lower use of bedding, and up to 99.8% reduction of E.Coli in manure. Read more here.

A poultry farm in Cavite, the Philippines

WasteX's latest biochar equipment (v2.1) has been deployed at a poultry farm of a major agricultural company to produce and apply biochar in their operations.

Ready to boost your farm performance?

Our implementation consultant will reach out to you shortly!

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