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Sectors We Serve

We help multiple agricultural and industrial sectors with our waste-to-biochar solutions

Crop Farms

Crop residues cause trouble for farmers. They're hard to handle, take up space, and don't sell well. Burning them pollutes the air and hurts the environment.

WasteX offers an alternative way to tackle that issue. With our biochar solution, we transform any crop residue into biochar that can be sold or applied on the field. When applied to the soil, biochar can improve yields up to 40%, reduce fertilizer use, and restore soil health.

Free range chicken farm

Poultry and Livestock Farms

Poultry and livestock farms face numerous waste management issues, including unpleasant odors arising from animal manure and the disposal of used bedding materials.

Our biochar solution address these issues and more. By converting used bedding to biochar and using it as bedding material, you can control humidity and odor and improve livestock health. Subsequently, biochar can be added to farm yard manure and sold as a high-value organic fertilizer. 


Independent Mills and Factories

Agricultural mills and factories processing crops encounter two primary difficulties: constrained profit margins and waste disposal. Production residues occupy significant storage space, posing risks of pest infestation, mold growth, and even fire hazards.

WasteX provides comprehensive biochar solutions to process those waste into valuable materials, supported by expert services. By unlocking this previously untapped financial potential, WasteX helps to improve operating margins for these facilities.

Independent Mills and Factories
Integrated Agriculture Companies

Integrated Agriculture Companies

WasteX presents innovative solutions capable of transforming the entire agricultural value chain, encompassing crop and livestock farms alongside mills and factories.


Through the utilization of by-products generated within the agricultural processes, new products can be created and reintroduced into another segment of the system. This promotes the effective conservation of farming resources, fosters the emergence of novel income streams, and minimizes environmental impact, thereby establishing a new level of circularity in waste valorization.

Fertilizer Producers

The burgeoning global population demands increased food production from agriculture. However, this reliance on traditional fertilizers raises concerns about environmental sustainability and soil health. To remain competitive, fertilizer producers must innovate towards eco-friendly solutions.

Biochar emerges as a revolutionary fertilizer additive, offering a two-pronged approach. By enhancing fertilizer potency and improving soil health, it reduces the required fertilizer amount while boosting yields. Additionally, biochar acts as a carbon sink, sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere.

Fertilizer Producers

Upcoming Sectors

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Construction Materials

Water Filtration

Waste Management

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