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We help multiple agricultural and industrial sectors with our waste-to-value solutions

Crop Farms

Crop residues are often a headache - their handling requires labor, they take space, and if they are sold on the market, they attract little value; leaving them or open burning in the fields releases enormous amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

WasteX offers alternative ways for farms and businesses to manage crop residues. With an array of waste valorization solutions, WasteX can transform any crop residue into valuable products that can be sold or applied on the field. In the case of biochar production and its application on the field, key outcomes include increased yield (up to 20% for some crops), decreased fertilizer use (up to 40% for some crops), and improvements in overall soil health.

Crop Farmers
Free Range Chicken Farm

Poultry and Livestock Farms

Livestock production comes with multiple waste-related challenges - from bad smell (bacteria thrive in animal manure and give off odors as they live, grow, and reproduce) to disposal of used bedding. WasteX has solutions not only to manage odor-causing manure but also to valorize it along with other farm wastes.

The products of WasteX’s valorization solutions can be utilized in existing farm operations resulting in a truly circular waste utilization process. For example, biochar produced from used bedding can be added to livestock feed (improving livestock health, weight gain, or feed conversion ratio) and can be used as supplemental bedding (improving air quality, humidity control, or odor control). Subsequently, biochar can be added to farm yard manure and sold as a high-value organic fertilizer. 

Independent Mills and Factories

Two of the major challenges that agricultural mills and factories - processing crops like palm oil, rice, or cassava - face are tightening margins and waste disposal. The residues of the production require huge volumes of storage space and pose risks of pest infestation, molds, and even fire.

WasteX offers a wide range of the waste valorization equipment solutions enabled by supporting services that can help mills and factories transform major types of residues into valuable products (e.g. biochar) and unlock their unrealized financial value improving operating margins.

Independent Mills and Factories
Integrated Agriculture Companies

Integrated Agriculture Companies

Besides a large swath of smallholders, Southeast Asia also boasts a large number of regional and domestic agriculture corporates with operations spanning from contract farms to mills and factories up through their own B2C brands.

This entire value chain, from crop and livestock farms up through the mills and factories, can be transformed through the innovative solutions that WasteX has to offer. New products can be created from by-products of the agricultural processes and later utilized in another activity within the system. With that, farming resources are effectively conserved, new sources of income arise, and environmental impacts are minimized, creating the next level of circularity in waste valorization.

Fertilizer Producers

The 7 billion and counting population is putting pressure on the agriculture industry - which relies heavily on fertilizers to increase soil productivity - to produce more food crops. At the same time, there is also a growing demand for more environmentally friendly fertilizers that can improve soil health without compromising crop yields. Together this puts pressure on fertilizer producers to innovate in order to remain competitive.

Biochar is a game-changing fertilizer additive that can help fertilizer producers live up to this challenge. As an additive, biochar lowers the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve the same potency to increase yield, and improve soil health. It also allows for the removal and sequestration of CO2 from the environment. WasteX can help fertilizer producers improve their fertilizer formulations, resulting in long-term agricultural, economic, and environmental benefits. 

Fertilizer Producers

Upcoming Sectors

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Construction Materials

Water Filtration

Waste Management

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