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Unlock $10,000 or more a year from your waste, no investment needed

Let WasteX develop and operate a biochar facility at your location, and receive additional income from profit sharing.

WasteX's Service

  • Invests, develops, and operates the facility.

  • Provides 2 units of WasteX's carbonizer (V2.2), dryer, shredder, and pelletizers. 

  • Processes your underutilized waste and converts it to biochar.

  • Sells biochar to offtakers.

  • Facilitates carbon credits.

Olive Mill

Partner's Role

  • Provides physical space (180m2) at or close to their production facility. 

  • Supplies waste (starting from 1 ton/day).

  • Receives additional income of $10,000 or more a year from profit sharing.

  • Benefits from the biochar application in their own operations (optional).

  • Supports local farmers with the biochar provision.

Partner Highlight

WasteX's biochar facility in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Corn Mill in Indonesia

Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Biomass utilization:

Up to 600-700 tons/year

Biochar production

Up to 1 ton/day or 250 tons/year

Additional income 

Starting from $10,000/year

Partner Types

Rice mill

Rice Mills

Utilizing rice husks

corns in storage

Corn Mills

Utilizing corn cobs

chicken farm

Chicken Farms

Utilizing used bedding

saw mill

Saw Mills

Utilizing sawdust or wood chips

Potential Biochar Offtakes

Bags of biochar
factory pipelines
Green orchard


Biochar as a Commodity

Biochar is traded domestically and internationally. Potential buyers include property developers, mining companies, steel manufacturers, and water treatment companies.


Industrial Applications

WasteX is looking to engage corporates to develop new industrial applications, such as in cement production, insulation, and others.


Agricultural Applications

Farmers and other agricultural producers are looking for biochar for its multitude of benefits. WasteX provides biochar for such clients and support them with its applications in their operations.

Ready to make additional income?

Our implementation consultant will reach out to you shortly!

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