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Your Biomass-to-Biochar Solution Partner


We are a climate-first company 

WasteX was launched in 2022 to tackle the problem of 3.5 billion tons of agricultural processing waste globally that is dumped, burnt, or sold cheaply. We help agricultural producers and farms utilize biomass waste while generating additional income, improving their operational performance, and reducing carbon emissions.

There are new technologies and developments in waste valorization, but due to their novelty and process complexity, they are currently being sparsely adopted by agricultural producers. Given how challenged agriculture is by multiple global crises such as climate change and rising production costs, we are enabling these new solutions for both large producers and farms, and unlocking 3-5x more value for them.

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Our Mission

Improve farmers livelihood and the performance of agricultural producers, and at the same time, mitigate climate change through affordable and carbon-removing waste-to-value solutions that generate lasting agricultural improvements, clean energy, and carbon credits.

Our Vision

By 2035, help more than 1 million farmers increase their annual income by more than 20%, and keep removing more than 10 Mt carbon annually.

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Pawel Kuznicki

Founder and CEO

Doug Parker

Board Member

Mohammad Shofie

Director of Operations


Workshop Supervisor

Iqbal Amru

Senior Product Associate

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Agronomy Associate


Senior Implementations Associate


Digital Marketing Specialist

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Sales Associate

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