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How we do it

WasteX is technology agnostic - we look for and select the best technology solutions that are available in the market

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We strive to offer and enable the best waste valorization solutions for agricultural producers to address their various waste streams and use cases

Farm carbonizer for biochar

Small-Scale Biochar Equipment

These are small-scale, low-tech equipment units that can be easily deployed at crop and livestock farms, to process farm-specific by-products and waste streams (e.g. rice straw, cassava rhizome, cassava stem, used bedding, or manure).

The equipment typically costs <$5,000, can be operated with little labor requirements, and can be deployed on the farm within 1-2 months. It can produce up to 40 tons of biochar per year as well as additional heat for farming operations. Application of biochar on the farm can produce multiple benefits including financial (e.g. carbon credits), operational (e.g. increased yield, reduced use of fertilizer, improved soil or livestock health, improved livestock FCR or weight gains), and environmental (e.g. removing 1-2 tons CO2e per 1 ton biochar or advancing SDG goals). These benefits from just one unit of the equipment could amount to over $5,000 per year.

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