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WasteX Biochar Pyrolysis Equipment

The most optimal price-performance carbonizer in the market for any organic biomass

Cost Effective

Energy Efficient

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Clean Emissions

Highly Automated


WasteX biomass pyrolysis plant to produce biochar

Our Technology

WasteX's biochar production machine (Carbonizer Model Y 2.2) is an autothermal continuous-type retort kiln developed to produce high-quality biochar with minimal use of energy and labor.


Gases produced during pyrolysis are used as a secondary heat source allowing for optimal heat production and clean emissions. With its compact and modular build, it allows for easy transport, assembly, and maintenance.

Product Highlights

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Made with SS 304, a high temperature resistant for long durability (5-7 years).​

Big hopper capacity (designed to contain feedstock for 2-4 hours).

​Separate combustion and pyrolysis chambers with control over residence time and pyrolysis temperature.

​High temperature sensors for operation monitoring and automation.

Energy efficient by utilizing pyrolysis gas for heat generation.

​Manual and Auto Mode option on feeding biomass for burner and pyrolysis chamber.

WasteX digital MRV (Android app)

dmrv app.png

Our clients are equipped with an Android app to digitally measure, report, and verify (dMRV) biochar production and application using WasteX's carbonizer for the purpose of carbon credits.


  • Biochar producer registration and full process recording for the purpose of carbon credits

  • Customized recommendations for optimum biochar application

  • Carbon impact and credits recording and calculation

Endorsement for Carbon Credits

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WasteX's dMRV app is endorsed by the Carbon Standards International for the Global Artisan C-Sink standard. 

Biochar equipment is pending the endorsement, which is expected in June 2024.

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Feedstock Processed by WasteX Biochar Machine

WasteX biochar machine can convert readily available organic materials such as agricultural waste and forestry residues into biochar. Examples include wood chips, rice husk, corn cobs, used poultry bedding, and many more.

Wood chips

Rice husk

Corn cobs

poultry bedding.webp

Used poultry bedding

Key Feedstock Requirements

  • Min. calorific value of 10 MJ/kg

  • Moisture content <20% (<15% recommended for more optimal performance)

  • Particle size <30 mm

  • Pourable and free flowing

Equipment Specifications

3.1 x 2.5 x 2.3
Materials used
SS 304
Burner temperature
Pyrolysis temperature
Processing capacity
~35* / ~100**
Biochar conversion
Biochar production rate
~14* / ~40**
Fuel/feedstock ratio
Manpower requirements
manhours / day

*unpelletized feedstock

**pelletized feedstock

***optimal efficiency with min. 8 hours continuous operations 

Biochar Production Workflow 

Feedstock Preparation

Dry and shred the feedstock to achieve the feedstock requirements. This is essential to ensure optimal performance and maximum biochar yield.


Automatic Pyrolysis

The equipment automatically feeds the pyrolysis barrel with feedstock, controls the residence time, and disperses biochar into the biochar bin.


Heat Generation

The equipment is ignited to burn the biomass fuel. At 300°C, switch to auto-mode and the equipment will refuel the burner until the equipment reaches 500°C.


Biochar Collection

Collect biochar once the bin is full (every ~1 hour), and replace the bin with a new one. Let the biochar cool down for 24 hours.


Deployed Equipment (Selected)

Explainer Video

Ready to produce biochar with our pyrolysis machine?

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